This is where the rules and regulations concerning Yyaku's fantasy survivor will take place, plus the in's and outs of how the game will be run will be put here.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, I'll try to answer them as swiftly as possible.  

How the Game is Functioning

This game will not follow follow the basic 39-day schedule like the actual game, the real time cycles will be around 3 days, but we most likely will not be doing a full 39 days, it is somewhat winged for convenience.  Generally, this means on one day there is the reward challenge, on the second day there's the immunity challenge, and the third day is tribal council, where the losing tribe(s) will vote someone out. However same days it will be canceled, or instead of reward we'll go right into immunity.

Reward Challenges- While Reward Challenges won't be in every cycle, namely one's with a 2-day cycle, or if any other twist will take up that day, these will be the default challenge for the first day of each cycle.  Challenges are all live. If you miss a challenge, you miss it, challenges tend to last 2-4 hours. If you live in a timezone where you cannot make the challenge, certain exceptions will be provided.

Immunity Challenges-After the reward challenge is finished, the immunity challenge will be posted, and like the reward challenge, the contestants will have a 2-4 hour time period to complete the immunity challenge.  During the tribal phase of the game, the contestants will compete as a tribe to win immunity, and during the individual phase, the contestants will compete as individuals to win the immunity challenge.  The tribe that loses the immunity challenge will go to tribal council during the tribal phase, and in the individual phase, everyone who doesn't win the immunity challenge will be vulnerable at that night's tribal council.  The specificities of each immunity challenge will be posted with that specific challenges, also in the forum section of this wikia.

Survivor's a strategic game that requires a lot of communication, so obviously you guys need a means of communication. You can use any means of communication. You may skype amongst each other, email, google hangouts, text(?), but what i'd most prefer is if you used the chat on my wiki! You must send me confessionals at If you are not actively sending confessionals, then you will not be asked back for a second chance.

Rules of the Game-

  1. Do not flash or send nudity to ANY player, if I'm showed proof of this, you will be ejected from the game.
  2. Do not personally go outside of the game insulting a player. Keep it within the game.
  3. Try to make it to all challenges. Your team and I will both appreciate it.
  4. Send as many confessionals as you can. It makes it funner and easier for my job to not predict whats going on, plus you get an episode title if you sound good enough.
  5. Enjoy yourself. If you are not having fun in this game, and having a miserable time, your not playing right, this should be a fun activity, not a dread.

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