This is a tutorial on how to create manga which you will need to use to apply to my Survivor series, this is a guide for people who do not understand the process.

Step One


Log onto, and go to the create tab, you have a choice between boy or girl, it's completely your descision! If you are a boy and want to be a girl in this org, it's totally fine, if your a girl and want to be a boy, it's totally fine! Go ahead.

Step Two


Create your manga, and personalize it to your liking, there is tons of options to choose from, faces, shapes, eyes, noses, etc. It's totally up to you to make your manga however you want it to be, it doesn't need to resemble you!

Step Three


I randomized it and this is what I got, it's pretty cool right? Then you got to the save button and click save on your Manga!


Step Four

Save your manga, fill out the information, or if you already have an account, you can skip this step.

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